Supply bottlenecks

See where delivery bottlenecks occur and where you can quickly help healthcare providers maintain their operations

Suggest products directly from the catalog or enter them manually

Immediately submit an offer when requesting a quote

Speeddating for alternative solutions – for the benefit of patients.

Delivery bottlenecks are increasing. They endanger the smooth operation of health care providers and the well-being of patients. Healthcare providers affected by delivery bottlenecks or outages record their needs on Xatena. As a supplier, you can help by proposing equivalent replacement products. The platform takes care of speed dating.

If the proposed solution fits, you will receive a request to submit your offer. If the healthcare provider accepts your offer, you will solve the difficult situation together for the benefit of the patients.

Easily capture product suggestions to eliminate supply bottlenecks

Suggesting catalog items that have already been entered

Seamless quote request, negotiation and ordering

Real-time communication with those affected


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