Supply Bottlenecks

Get to know suppliers who can solve your bottlenecks via Speeddating

Receive direct product suggestions

Request quotations immediately and negotiate them

Don’t let the operation come to a standstill.

Delivery bottlenecks are increasing. They endanger the smooth operation and well-being of patients. If you are affected by a delivery bottleneck or even breakdown, you can start a speed dating with suppliers on Xatena. They will suggest equivalent replacement products if possible. Once you have selected suitable products, you can immediately request offers, compare them and, if necessary, negotiate.

Health care providers thus act on their own responsibility and at the same time build up their own information and supply network together.

Simple recording of delivery bottlenecks and the products concerned

Communication within an open, vast supplier network

Solutions to eliminate the supply bottleneck can be compared directly

Seamless quote request, negotiation and ordering

Real-time communication with other suppliers

Share information internally or via social media


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