Quickly find the products and suppliers you are looking for

Get immediate quotes from the market

Facilitate and control orders with the internal webshop

Make shopping easier for everyone.

The Procurement module allows you, as a purchasing organization, to search the catalog for products and services from suppliers and forms a spot-buy marketplace for individual purchases or to secure conditions for C-items through simple framework contract negotiations. At the same time, you can set up the module as an internal web shop to simplify and structure your ordering process and small purchases for all users.
Discover products or suppliers easily via the online catalogue. With just a few clicks, you can create quotation requests or place orders. You will receive prompt quotations for the requested products. Conduct automated rounds of negotiations to obtain the best purchase price or framework agreement. The entire ordering process is centrally recorded and can be handled digitally by you and the seller until delivery.

Article search by eCl@ss product groups or free text

Supplier catalogs available

Access rights to product groups and release limits per department

Direct quote requests for purchase and framework contracts

Request alternative items or suppliers

Tracking of the ordering and delivery process


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