EDI 4.0

Deliver to healthcare providers directly, without data intermediaries

Process order transactions according to GS1

Build on a sustainable infrastructure for the step to Supply Chain 4.0

Create the basis for a digitized supply chain.

Have you ever wondered why orders have to go through an intermediary? They don’t have to. Xatena has developed the future-proof infrastructure that connects you directly with your customers. Orders are placed on their own secure block-chain-based order channel, which guarantees trust for both parties. You can exchange the identical message formats according to GS1 standard without an intermediary. At the same time, you lay the foundation for a digitized supply chain. Xatena is merely the portal for access to this infrastructure.
The digitization of the supply chain, which enables efficient, secure and traceable transactions with the integration of different parties, requires a different infrastructure than today’s intermediary EDI business. The settlement of the transaction on the blockchain enables efficiency, security and trustworthiness thanks to distributed ledger technology and common encryption. Together with the UDI, which enables unique product identification, all transactions can be gradually integrated into the supply chain.

End2End digitalized order processing with ERP connection (all message formats according to GS1)

All transactions are unfalsifiable

Integration of all partners possible on a basis of mutual trust

Track & trace of the entire supply chain possible

Together with UDI, ensure traceability of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics

Blockchain-based (Hyperledger Fabric)

Mobilise capital tied up in consignment stocks again

Automation possible thanks to Smart Contracts


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