Company profile

Present your company

Show the profile of your offers to be proposed as a supplier

Manage your shipping options, employees, documents

Present yourself and your offer and win new customers.

You can use your company profile to introduce the company to existing and potential customers. They will find their company logo and a description of the company on Xatena. Present yourself and show what your company is all about.
You can add your products and services to the profile, so that you are automatically suggested as a possible supplier for invitations to tender.
In addition, you have the option of making further settings for your company, such as dispatch options for the catalogue or the entry of additional employees.

Presentation of your company profile

Add product and service categories to your business

Activation of employees to work together

Define shipping options as rules and store them for the product catalog.

Centrally store documents that you use again and again.

Cases of Xatena

No cases shown yet? Get in touch with us and we’ll you our most amazing case stories


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