Application management

Create transparency and overview for all parties involved

Save time with better quality applications and automated workflows

Gain more planning security through central recording of all applications

Manage all applications from your cockpit.

Avoid confusing procurement situations and loss of time due to inaccurate information. Maintain an overview of the status of all budget and procurement requests. Create commitment and transparency for the people involved. Digitized forms and workflows improve the information content of applications and automate notifications. This saves you and your colleagues time and leads to greater planning security.

Specific application forms for all expenditure categories

Individual workflows for your organization

Parallel processing of different departments or commissions

Secure application without login

Automatic e-mail notifications and reminders

Logging of all comments, changes and decisions

Central cockpit and archiving of all applications


Minimize effort with automatic callback monitoring
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Kantonsspital Winterthur in a digital procurement consortium
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