New app for solving medical device supply bottlenecks

  • Rising number of supply bottlenecks for medical devices threaten patient care
  • New platform app makes threatening supply bottlenecks transparent for clinics and suppliers and offers a short-term, efficient and simple procurement alternative for emergency care if required.
  • The delivery bottleneck app for emergency care for clinic purchasers was developed in cooperation with the German community for clinic practitioners “Zukunft Krankenhaus Einkauf” and the young Swiss company Xatena.
  • The delivery bottleneck app is available on for the entire DACH region

Supply bottlenecks are already a problem today and were frequently discussed not only in the community “Future Hospital Purchasing”. The estimates quoted by the German Federal Association of Medical Technology also state that up to 30% of medical products could disappear from the market. The supply difficulties will be further exacerbated by the imminent and sensible recertification of medical devices – keyword: Medical Device Regulation (MDR). They endanger the smooth operation and well-being of patients.

A delivery bottleneck app for emergency care in the procurement area brings clinic buyers and suppliers quickly and easily to one table.

Stefan Krojer, founder of Zukunft Krankenhaus Einkauf: “Healthcare providers who are affected by a delivery bottleneck or even breakdown can communicate their delivery bottleneck on Xatena and receive emergency care quickly and easily. Through transparency, suppliers can help by suggesting equivalent replacement products.”

The delivery bottleneck app brings transparency to the procurement market. Clinics can help each other and suppliers can offer solutions.

Two digital forges work together beyond national borders on future-oriented solutions

The delivery bottleneck app on is the result of the German-Swiss collaboration between Stefan Krojer, founder of the community “Zukunft Krankenhaus Einkauf” (Future Hospital Purchasing) and the Zurich-based start-up Xatena, which successfully operates a specialized B2B platform for the healthcare sector.

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About Future Hospital Purchasing

Zukunft Krankenhaus-Einkauf is an international community of purchasing practitioners for sustainable, value-oriented and efficient hospital purchasing. The community has a network-like structure and is independent of organisations such as a hospital group or a purchasing community. The team includes 25 practitioners from the hospital. Through groups and contacts in social networks, the extended community consists of 2,500 members. The community identifies itself above all with the following values: putting the patient at the centre, creating value creation partnerships, including sustainability, ensuring fairness, using digitalisation.

About Xatena

Xatena is a web-based B2B platform for the healthcare industry. From hospitals to individual practices, healthcare providers can procure equipment, furniture, medical and household goods as well as services. Providers receive optimal market access. They can easily participate in procurements and offer their assortment in a central catalog. Xatena is characterized by digitization and automation of processes, digitization of regulatory requirements, organization-wide and cross-organizational collaboration in teams, intelligent analysis and optimization (Machine Learning/AI).

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