Kantonsspital Winterthur invites tenders in digital form

Invitation to tender for 12 ventilators

The twelve new ventilators for the intensive care unit, including consumables, service and maintenance, were put out to digital tender via Xatena.

The price and performance criteria for the specification could be worked out collaboratively in the team on the platform. The 40-day quotation phase was kicked off with the publication via Xatena and Simap in accordance with procurement law. Questions were asked in the forum by the six participating providers regarding mandatory criteria or the concrete scope of services in the maintenance contracts. All providers were informed simultaneously by e-mail about the placement of the question and the posting of the corresponding reasoning by Purchasing.

After completion of the tender phase, price and performance criteria were evaluated. For mandatory and price criteria, there was an automatic evaluation according to the chosen weighting. Test criteria relating to user-friendly use or safety aspects, such as the duration of a battery charge after a power failure, were evaluated online together with the doctors.

Price wise, the offers were up to 120 percentage points apart. Taking into account the performance criteria, which were weighted at 55% against the price, the difference in the overall evaluation was still 31 percentage points. With the clear and transparent evaluation of the results, the selection of the winner could be discussed objectively. After the end of the test phase by the users and the consolidation on the part of the purchasing department, two months after setting up, the award was granted and automatically published via Simap.

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