The Insel Group digitizes strategic purchasing

At the end of 2017, the Insel Gruppe evaluated a solution for digitizing strategic purchasing. A process was sought that supports both commercial and public procurement.

The goal was to use the solution

  • realize savings potentials (material and process costs),
  • Standardization of the purchasing process to ensure compliance and governance, and
  • the digital integration of all evaluating company divisions.

The collaboration with Xatena began in early 2018. Thanks to the standardization and digitalization of strategic purchasing processes, more evaluations can be carried out and thus material cost savings can be realized. Blind spots in procurement are uncovered. The crux of the matter is the scaling of the individual strategic buyer by giving him the right digital tools. For example, product groups that have not been touched for a long time could be re-evaluated. The results are up to 30% better purchasing conditions.

“Xatena supports us in the digital transformation of purchasing into a networked competence center.”

Hannes Schrittesser, Head of Purchasing Insel Gruppe AG

The digitisation of procurement processes (commercial and public) can be expected to lead to considerable savings in process costs. This is mainly due to the automation of process steps, considerable time gains, among other things, also through the digital integration of users and finally increased transparency and improved presentation of evaluation results.

Risks were also minimized in the area of public procurement law. As a result of the procurement law requirements stored in the purchasing process, these procurements are much simpler and can be handled with the same procedures.

All this supports the Insel Gruppe’s purchasing team in developing the department into a group-wide competence centre for purchasing processes and requirements.

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